Wicks Manor crowned Producer of the Year!

A huge congratulations to Wicks Manor Farm on being crowned East of England Co-op’s Producer of the Year last night. Wicks Manor have put in so much hard work and efforts over the years, so we really are delighted for Fergus and the team. Wicks Manor are unique in that they grow and mill wheat [...]

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Must-do’s for effective social media marketing

1. Before you use it, learn it Each social media platform works very differently, so it’s essential to learn them before you start posting your content. Instagram and Pinterest are image focused platforms, therefore when posting you need to ensure your picture is high quality and represents your brand or product correctly. Twitter and Facebook [...]

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4 ways to start measuring your marketing

With thousands of tools available online and a whole dictionary of buzzwords to get to grips with, working out how you can measure the success of your marketing and quantify progress is no mean feat. Below are four relatively simplistic ways to measure your marketing and see your brand grow: With thousands of tools available online [...]

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Instagram Marketing Tips from the Experts – Part 2

If you have read part 1 of our Instagram marketing tips, then welcome to part 2! We’ve put together another list of marketing tips that will help maximise your Instagram exposure. Consistency Sticking to a consistent routine establishes a frequency for new posts that keeps your brand in front of the people who want to [...]

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The importance of photography in your marketing

First impressions count. That’s why photography plays a huge role in brand communications and marketing. According to IndustrialMarketer, an article with relevant imagery gains 94% more total views than an article without. A press release with images will have far more impact than one that’s text-only. Photography can make or break a campaign and be [...]

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Instagram Marketing Tips from the Experts – Part 1

With over 600 million active users across the globe and one billion photos liked each day, Instagram is quickly becoming a focal point for businesses of all sizes who use social media. People are engaging with Instagram posts on a level unparalleled by many other social networks. According to Forrester Research, Instagram user interactions with [...]

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Marketing work experience – a day in the life of Laura

Laura is currently studying for her A Levels and joined the team for two days work experience. Here’s her story. After arriving at Curzon Associate Marketing for 9:15, I had a chat with Steve Curzon (Marketing Director) who told me what marketing meant to him – it boils down to who you are aiming to [...]

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We’re proud to be sponsoring this year’s Theatre in the Forest!

We’re extremely proud to announce that we are sponsoring this year’s Theatre in the Forest, an annual event presented by Ipswich based theatre group Red Rose Chain. This summer’s production choice is one of Shakespeare’s most bewitching comedies “As You Like It”. We have supported Red Rose Chain for nearly 10 years, supporting their work [...]

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