Do you want to give your marketing a boost? We’ve listed 8 great reasons why you should try video marketing. Videos can be used for promoting your products, telling your audience more about your brand, engaging social media users and more.

Here are 8 reasons why you should give video a go!

1. Boost engagement: It’s no secret that web users prefer a short video to a big block of text – videos are interesting and easy to consume. Including video content on your website or on social media is an easy way to boost engagement.

2. Increase shareability: If your content is more engaging, then it’s more likely to be shared by your audience. Studies suggest that our brains retain far more of what we see on a video than what we read on a page, so your content will stay with your audience for longer and, in turn, make them more likely to share it with friends.

3. Create more versatile content: Video is the self-proclaimed king of marketing content – it can encompass images, audio, text and more. You can pack more into a 30-second video than an entire webpage of text!

4. An easy way to boost Search Engine Optimisation: Search engines like Google and Bing see video as ‘high-quality’ content, so having videos incorporated into your webpage will help boost your site up the search index. Better SEO = more views and visitors.

5. Show your brand’s personality: Given that there’s so much more you can do with a video than with a simple blog post or static image, it’s a lot easier for you to communicate who you are and what your brand is about.

6. Increase your conversion rate: Users spend over 80% more time on a website that includes video content than text alone – the statistics speak for themselves! Videos are more engaging and so users are likely to stay on your site longer – and site visits will be more likely to translate to sales.

7. Keep your audience well-informed: It’s easier to communicate clearly in a video format, and so including videos on your website is a good way to keep your audience up-to-date on everything that is happening with your brand or business.

8. There’s lots of potential: When you start making videos, the possibilities are limitless – there are unlimited combinations, formats and new ideas you can experiment with.

We hope this helps you to create interesting and engaging video content for your audience!

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