We have been working with the Munchy Seeds team for just over four awesome years, and in the last year have been developing the groundwork for a major strategic redirection for the Munchy brand. 

The year 2019 was always going to be a big year as it marks the 20th anniversary of the introduction of Munchy Seeds to the UK market. Recognising that the healthy snacking market has changed dramatically in that time we worked hard with the Munchy crew on reshaping the brand for the years to come. There have been four pillars to our development plan – first, review the product range to identify the popular flavours and formats for the future; second review packaging formats to reflect changing attitudes, to plastic in particular; third identify and work with a creative partner to create a refreshed brand identity that will dramatically increase on-shelf impact of the brand in store and fourth, implement a new creative year-round marketing campaign to grow the brand. 

This was a huge commitment by the Munchy crew and the result is dramaticThe range has been rationalised and new flavours added to broaden the appeal of seeds. Plastic pots have been replaced by resealable pouch packs that use 60-70% less plastic and a new brand identity created by BandB Studios of London that screams energy, vitality, fun and flavour… BOOM!!! We launched the work to trade customers with an exciting new lifestyle video produced in-house here at Curzon. 

The work goes on; a new brand website is in development, new lifestyle photography is in production and a fresh new approach to social media is already supporting the new brand proposition, “flavour-fuelled adventures”. 

Together with Munchy Seeds we’re on a mission to shake up snacking, armed with delicious energy-boosting roasted seed snacks that look just as good as they taste. And what better way to celebrate this change and commitment than with a party so we organised that too.  

We are confident Munchy Seeds will continue to flourish – from little seeds come big adventures! So well done to founders Lucinda, Crispin and the whole Munchy Crew! They have taken a big leap and we’re sure it’s going to pay off. We are delighted to have been a part of this exciting new venture.