Project Description

Bubble & Squid

Still in its early days, Bubble & Squid is an exciting new street food and drink concept – serving delicious Calamari with a glass of bubbles.

We began working with Bubble & Squid in December 2016 and quickly developed a unique brand identity. Before they ventured out and launched in public we designed the food stand that would attend events as well as packaging design concepts, branded merchandise and staff uniforms.

Bubble & Squid has been created by local restaurateur Vernon Blackmore and food entrepreneur Paddy Bishop (of Paddy & Scott’s Coffee). Vernon is the squid, (proof you can trust a skinny chef) who has really nailed the Calamari recipe and Paddy is the bubbles, chats away about nothing and has drunk enough champagne to know what is good. They both saw the opportunity to bring a distinctive yet fun alternative to the traditional burgers and pizza street food offers.

We are delighted to say the plans and hard work have come to fruition – Bubble & Squid has travelled across Suffolk attending many different events such as The Aldeburgh Drink and Food Festival, The Suffolk Show and Opera in the Park. We have helped every step of the way with photography and video at the events to help the boys tell and sell their new story to investors and event owners. And the concept has been a huge success with more events planned for the year ahead and perhaps even a new restaurant outlet or two in the future!

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