Project Description


In the unbranded world of fresh meat and poultry a shift in marketing was needed to bring Gressingham’s remarkable and delicious duck to more people who love the taste of duck but just lack the confidence to cook it.

Steve Curzon is retained as Associate Marketing Director to Gressingham and developed a growth strategy based on repositioning duck as an end-of-the-week treat in contemporary cooking. New branding and packaging are helping win the battle on the supermarket shelf. New products, recipe marketing, online and off, and targeted advertising and has raised the profile of duck attracting a new generation of duck buyers

In the year of relaunch sales rose 8% and have continued to grow as more consumers are attracted to the market.

In 2013 Gressingham became the first ever meat brand to be awarded Coolbrand status.

The brand growth has been recognised in the award of a DBA Design Effectiveness Gold Award in 2013, a CIM award for Marketing Excellence in 2014 and the Food & Farming Award for Marketing.

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