Project Description

Loop (Navetas)

In 2015 the team at Navetas identified the opportunity to launch their innovative smart energy monitor direct to consumers knowing they were an unknown brand in a highly competitive market. And they needed results…fast.

We developed a marketing programme based on the brand idea that this clever bit of kit could become a “white knight” brand, championing the cause of the customer against the big six utility companies. New messaging, highly targeted advertising and a refreshed proposition have been put in to play.

It’s still early days but the signs are encouraging as brand awareness develops, media interest grows and sales increase.

‘We hired Steve in August 2015 to help us develop a brand and marketing strategy for our product Loop, Steve quickly immersed himself in the business and has provided us with clear, focused advice on the best way forward. One of the things that we have been most impressed with is he is not afraid to be challenged on his advice or to push back when he does not agree with our view.
We would not have been able to employ someone of Steve’s experience and knowledge so the consultancy arrangement has worked very well for us. We have been lucky to have him!!’
Nick Wellington, Navetas (Loop Energy Saver)
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