Project Description


National popcorn brand Metcalfe’s needed a summer campaign to build awareness, drive trial and establish their position as a joyful and light-hearted brand for families. Having received no significant marketing support since 2017 we knew the brand needed a campaign with impact, capturing the mood of summer and engaging consumers with playful and relevant content.  And all to a budget!

From strategy and campaign idea to campaign content, creative, microsite and campaign measurement we set to work.

The campaign idea grew from the insight around the fear and dread many parents experience about the school holidays and the need to keep their kids entertained over six long weeks. The same activities are often rolled out again and again in the absence of the ideas or energy to come up with something new. We created the opportunity for Metcalfe’s to come to the rescue by providing inspiration for activities that are quirky, original and more adventurous than the norm. So we put Metcalfe’s on a mission to Make Summer Pop! for its customers.

Introducing the Metcalfe’s Activity Generator, a machine that even the craziest of inventors would be proud of. Bright, playful and irreverent, the Generator prompts users to answer questions about their appetite for fun in pursuit of summer days with a difference. Metcalfe’s customers are then served their ideal days from a collection of quirky, offbeat activity ideas. To reward their adventurous spirit, users also have the opportunity to win one of three Adventure boxes containing everything needed for the ultimate summer experience.

Housed on a purpose-built campaign microsite the 12 week campaign is set to run until September and is already delivering impressive levels of participation and engagement.

Visit now and find your Metcalfe’s summer day with a difference!