Project Description

Munchy Seeds

As a long-established brand in the healthy snack market, Munchy Seeds needed some fresh thinking to help retain their brand presence and share in an increasingly competitive category. As a company that’s been roasting and flavouring seeds for almost 20 years, the brand is full of substance.

Working directly with the business owners we created a brand strategy that builds on this foundation and delivers growth through NPD and inspiring new usage occasions.

This is supported by a marketing & communications strategy that spreads the word about the virtues of seeds to the masses! From running social media campaigns to creating a brand recipe book, Munchy Seeds is the perfect example of how we can help your business with truly integrated approach to marketing.

We have been working closely with Steve Curzon and the team for over a year now and the pace at which they move to bring our brand and products up to speed is mind boggling. One of the advantages of bringing a professional like Steve into your company is you gain the years of knowledge for as long or as shorter period as you like, and the results are easy to measure. Our main challenge will be letting him go!

Lucinda Clay, Munchy Seeds
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