Project Description

Sutton Hoo Chicken

When you rear chickens better than any one else how do you achieve recognition, a premium proposition and increased sales when “free range” has become so commoditized and meaningless? Sutton Hoo have been leading the way in properly free range chicken for over 20 years since Charlie and Belinda Nash first started out on their farm in Suffolk.

We are working with the team to help them make more of their wonderful story and utterly delicious chicken and satisfy the UK appetite for great provenance, and great tasting food.

With new branding and an array of new marketing activity our first step is to recruit more artisan butchers and quality farm shops, introducing more people to properly free range slow grown Suffolk chicken.

Sutton Hoo Chicken Packaging

Immediately upon working with Steve, it is obvious that he is highly experienced. Steve has really helped Sutton Hoo clarify what we wanted and which direction we needed to go in in order to drive sales forward and more clearly define our brand. We particularly loved how Steve respected our original branding and understood the importance of keeping some of our original identity whilst also helping us to move into a new chapter for our brand. We are very grateful to Steve and the team as ultimately they have helped us realise Sutton Hoo’s full potential as a brand.

Belinda Nash, Sutton Hoo Chicken
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