National popcorn brand Metcalfe’s needed a summer campaign to build awareness, drive trial and establish their position as a joyful and light-hearted brand for families. Having received no significant marketing support since 2017 we knew the brand needed a campaign with impact, capturing the mood of summer and engaging consumers with playful and relevant content.  And all to a budget!

From strategy and campaign idea to campaign content, creative, microsite and campaign measurement we set to work.

The campaign idea grew from the insight around the fear and dread many parents experience about the school holidays and the need to keep their kids entertained over six long weeks. The same activities are often rolled out again and again in the absence of the ideas or energy to come up with something new. We created the opportunity for Metcalfe’s to come to the rescue by providing inspiration for activities that are quirky, original and more adventurous than the norm. So we put Metcalfe’s on a mission to Make Summer Pop! for its customers.

Introducing the Metcalfe’s Activity Generator, a machine that even the craziest of inventors would be proud of. Bright, playful and irreverent, the Generator prompts users to answer questions about their appetite for fun in pursuit of summer days with a difference. Metcalfe’s customers are then served their ideal days from a collection of quirky, offbeat activity ideas. To reward their adventurous spirit, users also have the opportunity to win one of three Adventure boxes containing everything needed for the ultimate summer experience.

Housed on a purpose-built campaign microsite the 12 week campaign is set to run until September and is already delivering impressive levels of participation and engagement.

Visit now and find your Metcalfe’s summer day with a difference!




In the unbranded world of fresh meat and poultry a shift in marketing was needed to bring Gressingham’s remarkable and delicious duck to more people who love the taste of duck but just lack the confidence to cook it.

Steve Curzon is retained as Associate Marketing Director to Gressingham and developed a growth strategy based on repositioning duck as an end-of-the-week treat in contemporary cooking. New branding and packaging are helping win the battle on the supermarket shelf. New products, recipe marketing, online and off, and targeted advertising and has raised the profile of duck attracting a new generation of duck buyers

In the year of relaunch sales rose 8% and have continued to grow as more consumers are attracted to the market.

In 2013 Gressingham became the first ever meat brand to be awarded Coolbrand status.

The brand growth has been recognised in the award of a DBA Design Effectiveness Gold Award in 2013, a CIM award for Marketing Excellence in 2014 and the Food & Farming Award for Marketing.

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Greene King


Greene King

We’re delighted to support the marketing team at the industry-leading brewer Greene King, with the creation of digital assets and photography for their social media and website, bringing their beer brands to life. Brands include Old Speckled Hen, Belhaven Brewery, IPA, Abbot Ale, East Coast IPA and more!

We have supported a number of campaigns too, including Pub in the Park – a food, drink and music festival headed up by celebrity chef Tom Kerridge, Greene King IPA’s Last Drop Out promotion which coincided with the 6 Nations Rugby and the Tesco supermarket launch of Old Speckled Hen Low Alcohol 0.5% beer.

Munchy Seeds


Munchy Seeds

As a long-established brand in the healthy snack market, Munchy Seeds needed some fresh thinking to help retain their brand presence and share in an increasingly competitive category. As a company that’s been roasting and flavouring seeds for almost 20 years, the brand is full of substance.

Working directly with the business owners we created a brand strategy that builds on this foundation and delivers growth through NPD and inspiring new usage occasions.

This is supported by a marketing & communications strategy that spreads the word about the virtues of seeds to the masses! From running social media campaigns to creating a brand recipe book, Munchy Seeds is the perfect example of how we can help your business with truly integrated approach to marketing.

We have been working closely with Steve Curzon and the team for over a year now and the pace at which they move to bring our brand and products up to speed is mind boggling. One of the advantages of bringing a professional like Steve into your company is you gain the years of knowledge for as long or as shorter period as you like, and the results are easy to measure. Our main challenge will be letting him go!

Lucinda Clay, Munchy Seeds
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The Garden Trellis Company


Garden Trellis Company

The move to larger premises with greater capacity prompted this exterior design business to re-evaluate their approach to marketing.

We designed a marketing strategy to launch an ambitious push in to online retail as well as restate the brand’s excellent credentials to the all-important professional garden designer and landscaping sectors. Under one brand the plan has built on long established credentials and expertise in bespoke joinery with a radical push in to the online market for quality ready-made products.

With a new website and marketing programme online sales have increased seven fold since the work began and total turnover has almost doubled from when we first began.

‘In just 3 years, Steve Curzon’s marketing strategies have proved a powerful point and a lesson all business owners need to learn….Marketing Matters!’
Rebecca Furness, Garden Trellis Company
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Sutton Hoo Chicken


Sutton Hoo Chicken

When you rear chickens better than any one else how do you achieve recognition, a premium proposition and increased sales when “free range” has become so commoditized and meaningless? Sutton Hoo have been leading the way in properly free range chicken for over 20 years since Charlie and Belinda Nash first started out on their farm in Suffolk.

We are working with the team to help them make more of their wonderful story and utterly delicious chicken and satisfy the UK appetite for great provenance, and great tasting food.

With new branding and an array of new marketing activity our first step is to recruit more artisan butchers and quality farm shops, introducing more people to properly free range slow grown Suffolk chicken.

Sutton Hoo Chicken Packaging

Immediately upon working with Steve, it is obvious that he is highly experienced. Steve has really helped Sutton Hoo clarify what we wanted and which direction we needed to go in in order to drive sales forward and more clearly define our brand. We particularly loved how Steve respected our original branding and understood the importance of keeping some of our original identity whilst also helping us to move into a new chapter for our brand. We are very grateful to Steve and the team as ultimately they have helped us realise Sutton Hoo’s full potential as a brand.

Belinda Nash, Sutton Hoo Chicken
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GAH is one of Europe’s leading providers of transport refrigeration systems helping chilled distribution businesses stay on the move efficiently, from independent fresh food retailers to nationwide supermarket chain home delivery fleets.

Managing the GAH marketing operations we have been able to lead the development of new branding materials and messaging, production of all photographic and video content, the launch campaign and branding for an exciting new product range (the new GAH e-fridge system), creation of a handy product guide for vehicle specifiers and the development of a new website.

Suffolk Community Foundation


The Food and Drink Fund was set up in June 2018 to support charitable activities addressing local needs, particularly those where there is a direct link with food and drink. The Fund supports charities and voluntary & community groups throughout Suffolk through a small grants programme. The beneficiaries of the fund typically include foodbanks, lunch clubs and meal deliveries.

We have sponsored and supported the foundation by providing on-going strategic marketing support together with new branding, collateral material designs and a new website coming soon.

Leaders from Suffolk’s Food and Drink industry, including Paddy Bishop, Tim Rowan-Robinson, William Buchanan and Barry Chevalier-Guild have also lent their personal support to the Suffolk Community Foundation to help build a special food & drink themed fund that is distributed to charities and community groups relating to nutritional deprivation.

The fund supports projects addressing one or more of the following themes:

  • Improving health and well-being – providing emergency food provisions, providing meals and refreshments to help bring communities together, supporting those experiencing challenges in their lives.
  • Overcoming problems – helping people who are experiencing difficult circumstances due to mental ill health, bereavement or financial difficulty.

Wells Wallcovering Installers


Wells Wallcovering Installers

Luxury wallcovering installers Wells are known in the interior design industry for being one of the best installers of specialist wallcoverings of all types.

We started working with Wells in September 2017 to provide marketing support for the business to help attract more high quality prestigious projects.

We started by developing a new brand identity, name and symbol to reflect their premium positioning. A new website was designed to appeal to interior designers and high-end homeowners, and the production of all new collateral material began.

We continue to provide day to day marketing support online and offline with a focus on increasing the brand awareness even more.



We began working with Stalsen in November 2017 and have since been focusing on the launch of their new branding and new website to reflect their commitment to hand safety in the work place.

With our strategic direction new branding has been designed to reflect Stalsen’s commitment to reducing and ultimately eradicating hand injuries from the workplace through its combination of tailored risk assessment, custom glove protection and ongoing training and support for harm prevention.

Incorporating the strapline “keeping hands safe” we have introduced the new brand look across all products, packaging and training materials as well as keeping the new website fresh with designs and content relevant to health & safety professionals. Special features of the new website includes a practical hand protection guide for end users, a comprehensive guide to EU glove safety standards, regular news and updates on standards, products, and best practice and downloadable datasheets for all glove products.