I am currently in my final week interning at Curzon Marketing and I have to say I am not ready to leave! I have done a total of seven weeks and have thoroughly enjoyed every minute. It was my first opportunity to work in a professional environment, so I was nervous and had no idea of what to expect. I was surprised how quickly I picked everything up and before I knew it I was getting stuck into many tasks without hesitation!

The thing I have enjoyed most is the sense of responsibility; this isn’t the type of internship where you are making coffees and photocopying! I’ve had many opportunities to contribute my ideas and opinions and as a result felt like a valued member of the team. I’ve taken part in meetings, written blogs for a variety of clients, learnt the ropes of Google Analytics as well as rolling up my sleeves and helping out on photoshoots. 

The pace of work and volume of tasks at times felt overwhelming but I found that being super-organised was a strategy to overcome this. A system of making lists and prioritising tasks was hugely helpful and meant that when additional tasks arose, I could simply assess urgency, add them to my list go from there. It seems obvious but worked like a dream! Therefore, my first piece of advice for anyone thinking of being interning would be to always have a note pad and pen with you. You never know when you’ll need it!

My second piece of advice would be to be confident. Easier said than done, I know, but confidence helps you to feel comfortable asking questions about why something happens in a certain way and to speak up for guidance and advice when needed. Remember, no one is expecting you to know everything, this is your time to learn, develop and gain as much as you can from the experience.  

I am about to go into my final year of University there’s a real pressure to get as much experience under your belt as possible and secure a job upon graduation. It can feel quite daunting and overwhelming. My internship has left me feeling excited and motivated at the prospect of my future career path. Being part of a team, taking responsibility and the gratification you get when a client is thrilled with your work are all things I can now look forward to.