In a previous blog post we covered how to get your marketing fit for business. In the second section of our marketing toolkit, we discuss what to do once you’ve established the key tenets of your brand and how expert outsourcing can benefit growing businesses.

Many small to medium businesses today recognise the essential role marketing can play in growing their business but too often find navigating the topic a daunting prospect with so many opportunities available and pitfalls to avoid. What marketing activity should I invest in? What will work for my business? How do I measure returns? How do I make my brand stand out ahead of the competition?

Ten years ago Suffolk marketing agency Curzon Associate Marketing was born to serve this purpose – to bring easy access to marketing expertise and experience without the expense of an in-house team.  Founder Stephen Curzon explains why.“Shortly after returning to Suffolk 15 years ago I came in to contact with the business owners of many small to medium businesses, each with huge ambition for“their baby”and an inkling that marketing might be able to help them grow but a lack of confidence and knowledge about how they might go about it. Our idea was to provide that insight and expertise as flexibly as possible.”

Bringing external expertise in to a business can help owners in many ways. Here are five key ways in which bringing an expert marketing resource can benefit a business:

  1. Value: This is especially relevant for growing businesses but is important for everyone to consider. Outsourced marketing solutions offer a viable way to access expertise, experience and talent without the cost of hiring an experienced marketing team in-house. You’ll also save on expensive software, photography and design equipment – all of which we take care of.
  2. Flexibility: An outsourced marketing company like Curzon offers tailor-made programmes and support to each client based on their individual needs and goals. Our approach is client-led and can be easily changed and adjusted as your business develops.
  3. Efficiency: With outsourced marketing, you won’t have to waste time learning what will and won’t work for your business. With over 30 years of expertise, we have a good idea of how create successful marketing solutions for businesses of all kinds – we can put together a strategy for achieving your goals quickly and efficiently, freeing you up to focus on other aspects of your business.
  4. Momentum: Marketing is an important part of the day-to-day running of your business but we understand that it can very easily fall down the list of priorities, especially if you have lots of other things to be thinking about. Another of the key benefits of outsourced marketing is that we’ll keep up the momentum of your marketing for you; we’re here every day and will consistently manage your marketing even when you’ve got other priorities.
  5. Expertise: We’re a team of dedicated marketers with years of varied experience between us. Outsourcing your marketing allows you access to a wealth of expertise and talent that you wouldn’t be able to access otherwise. It means that your marketing is in the best possible hands – without the hassle of finding and hiring an expert team in-house.

Think outsourced marketing could work for your business or just curious about how it all works? Chat to us at or say hello on Twitter: @CurzonMarketing.

Suffolk marketing agency Curzon Associate Marketing helps ambitious brands grow through effective, experienced marketing. Our clients include Gressingham Foods, Munchy Seeds, The Garden Trellis Co., Stalsen and more.