Taking up residence within a new, larger office on Deben Mill Business Centre in Woodbrige, we now have the space to plan for our growth and expansion.

We work with a range of businesses across Suffolk such as Gressingham Duck, Munchy Seeds, The Garden Trellis Company and Sutton Hoo Chicken, among others, offering the full package of marketing expertise from branding and marketing strategy to marketing activity and content creation. Steve Curzon founder of Curzon Marketing said: “Our old premises were very small and we were struggling for space, now we have the room to run workshops, conduct larger meetings and, above all else, create a great creative work space.”

We are now recruiting for a consumer marketing manager.

“With more space available in our offices, we are now actively seeking a marketing manager,” continued Steve. “This is a new role that we are keen to create in order to deliver more services to our growing client list and meet their ever-changing needs.”

Please contact jane@curzon-marketing.co.uk for more information about our Marketing Manager role!